You Could Lose Everything

Most people today are one lawsuit, one heart attack or one car accident away from losing everything they own.

Protect Now!

Don't Be An Easy Target

An asset investigator can be hired to uncover an incredible amount of information about your life. Once they find what you have… they’ll do their best to take it!

Protect Now!

Procrastination Is the #1 Killer of Success

It it’s not a question of if something will happen to you. The real questions are WHAT will happen to you and WHEN will it happen?

Protect Now!

Asset Privacy and Protection

We don’t live in the society of the 50’s or 60’s anymore. In today’s society, asset predators do whatever they have to do to take what you have.

Every day, all across the country, the lives of honest, hard working citizens are being devastated as the result of frivolous and deep-pocket lawsuits, skyrocketing medical costs, probate, identity theft, and nursing home spend-down. These are only a few of the many items responsible for this devastation. The bottom line is that citizens are losing everything they’ve worked hard to accumulate; they are losing everything they own.

Your life is an open book. For a small fee, and within a few hours, an asset investigator can learn a great deal about the material aspects of your life – marital status, income, social security number, real property you own, bank accounts (personal and business), vehicles you own, credit cards, phone numbers (even unlisted), investments, businesses you own, and much, much more.

My husband and I cannot express how blessed we are for you and your STS program … Thank you Michael for your dedication to this program that you work so hard on to perfect for us and for the unbelievable affordable price.

Paul and Flora from Ontario, Canada

I have had this STS program for about 2 months. I have never felt so protected and secure with my assets/equity. Mike Clark is absolutley wonderful, he answers all questions, he takes out the time for each individual, their issues and concerns.

Elaine from Canada